15 Side Hustle To Do For Money In Singapore


Are you here wondering how to earn money as a student in Singapore? Great, you’ve just landed on the right destination. In the following write-up, we’ll walk you through the 15 most promising side hustle in Singapore opportunities, which are not only a perfect fit for students but for anyone who desires to secure a passive long-term income.

how to earn money as a student in Singapore

1. Becoming an Online Freelancer

When we talk about the current scenario, nothing can be more beneficial than getting digital and streamlining your earning opportunities online. The good thing about taking your professionalism online is that you can flexibly engage yourself in full-time opportunities or even side hustle. Speaking of side hustle in Singapore, becoming an online freelancer load up with many earning prospects.

2. Offering Private Tuitions

In case you’re someone who bags promising academic skills and feels capable enough to help students across the nation with their academics, choosing to offer private tuition can be efficient. This way, you’re not only making use of the skills but employing the same to secure a side hustle in Singapore.

3. Start a Blog

Blogging is the modern-day side hustle in Singapore which has been around for years now, but the recent alteration has significantly enhanced the overall impact. To be honest, creating a content-based website isn’t limited to being a side-hustle any more. Instead, individuals all around the world have been earning handsome just by self-publishing pieces online.

4. Create a YouTube Channel

These days, the medium of self-published content isn’t just literary in nature. It won’t be wrong to say that the influence of video-based content has touched the sky. For that reason, YouTube witnesses thousands of new channels every day. Why should you lag behind when the opportunity is wide open? From sharing information or similar pieces of stuff to creating touches of humour sketches, the possibilities are endless. All you need is a will to create and the perseverance to carry.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is yet another widespread practice that takes moments before transforming from general side hustle to a full-fledged business. Hardly there is any chance you’ve heard this term for the first time; nevertheless, putting in simple words, Affiliate is a digital marketing channel where selling other’s products can help you earn commission in return. The calculation is pretty simple; you don’t need to have your own commodity; rather, use someone else’s and make money out of it.

6. Reselling

The practice of buying stuff at low prices and selling them forward at the desired profit reflects modern-day earning facilities for many. It is crucial to remember that reselling isn’t as straightforward as renting and needs a structured approach. However, the big guns, namely eBay and Amazon, offer individuals worldwide the platform to get started and make things more seamless.

7. Selling Your Own Product/Services

side hustle in Singapore

It ain’t necessary you engage yourself in selling other people’s stuff; rather, dedicating time to market your products and services can prove to be more beneficial, especially in the longer run. From stock photos to cooking recipes, from online courses to digital utilities, the options are never-ending.

8. Doorstep Delivery 

Whether we talk about food, groceries, electronics, or anything similar, the practice of doorstep delivery has become one of the fastest-growing trends across the nation. You can make full use of such a trend and be a part of the best side hustle Singapore.

9. Working Odd Gigs

This is indeed one of the most loved side-hustle opportunities primarily because of its versatile nature. One day you may work at organizing a particular event, and the next day you can dedicate your time helping at a fair or a ceremony. Whatever might be the case, the possibilities are endless.

10. Babysitting

Do you think you can help day-working parents by taking care of their kids? Well then, babysitting can actually help you keep your pocket filled all throughout the month.

11. Pet Sitting

It might sound a bit strange, but pet owners do sometimes need a trusted individual who can take care of their dog or cat when they are unavailable. So if you’re someone who loves to be around dogs or cats, considering Pet Sitting as a side-hustle opportunity is a good idea.

12. Become a Virtual Assistant

side hustle in Singapore

The job of a virtual assistant is yet another beloved side-hustle in Singapore. Here, you can help other people manage their social media accounts, sites and earn a good chunk in return.

13. Bookkeeping Activities

Do you think you’re an organized person who is well equipped with the data entry scene? Well, Great. Adopting the job of a bookkeeper will help you get paid for your similar ability. It won’t be wrong to say that, booking is a superb side hustle in Singapore.

14. Modelling

With modelling, you’re looking at a side hustle in Singapore for those who seek a prospering career out of their good looks. 

15. Taking Online Surveys

To conclude our list of best side hustle in Singapore, we bring you the option to take online surveys and earn money. No doubt it is a really low-paying opportunity and might take a heavy part out of your patience before you start earning. However, the deal isn’t a bad one to conclude for anyone who has got some spare time.

And with that, we’re done uncovering 15 Singapore-based side hustles that shelter limitless earning possibilities. Hope you had a great time learning about all of these.

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